Update: We are Open 

It will be up to our clients to mitigate exposure and to socially distance.  Our 14-foot-wide cages are conducive to separation.  However, if someone is not comfortable with open public spaces, we would ask you to stay home for now.   

Premier Sports Training


Southern Arizona's premier sports training facility. Our focus is to provide the latest technology and training methods for the modern athlete.  Programs designed to increase speed, power, and agility combined with sport specific skills for baseball & softball athletes. Our instructors are former collegiate athletes that are still very active in their prospective sport.  Knowledge of experience combined with the latest technology provides the edge to succeed in the modern competitive world of sports.

"The definition of Greatness is 10,000 hours of practice!"

Malcon Gladwell

Are You Ready to Work?

Reserve online & open
to the public. Affordable, 1/2 hour for only $20. Most accurate machines in Tucson!
Elite Instruction to improve your athlete's hitting, pitching, catching, or fielding. Save and learn more with small group instruction. 
Excellent value! Free cage time / access to exercise equipment / discounts on lessons, camps & clinics. Family plan available.
We reguarily invite elite athletes with unique skill sets and advice, creating a value added experience for attendees.



  • Helpful, Friendly, Knowledgable Staff

  • The only purpose built indoor baseball/softball facility in Arizona

  • Three-wheeled Hack Attack Machines, the most popular machine of colleges & the pros

  • Simple guaranteed lesson and cage reservations

  • 11 cages, indoor infield, gym equipment, and athletic training aids

  • Baseball & Softball are equal priorities 

  • Reasonable rates and affordable services, from beginner to pro, we are here to help!



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Hours of Operations

Mon - Fri    10 am - 9 pm

Hitting Factory, Inc.

7870 N. Leilane Lane

Tucson, AZ 85743

Saturday   10 am - 6 pm     
Sunday     Noon - 6 pm     
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