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Memberships allow you to get the most work done at an affordable rate.  Simple packages that fit every athlete's need.  We have 3 plans available.  The Rookie for the casual player, All-Star for the serious athlete, and a Family plan for those that have multiple athletes in the household. See below to purchase. 


* Note (Family plan is $99 and can only be purchased at the facility. Restrictions apply.)   

All Memberships

1-time boarding fee   - $24 

Rookie   - $45

4-hours of cage time per month. Can be used in 1/2 hour or hour increments.  Great for someone wanting to add a weekly cage workout to their routine.  

All-Star   - $75 

Unlimited cage time & use of equipment, subject to availability.  For those athletes that want to get the most out of the facility.  

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